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Performed at the Cav's Parade



Today was wonderful! I had a chance to perform "The Cleveland Song" twice at the parade to an amazing audience. Also, the DJs played my song to the crowd as the Cavaliers were passing by shortly after Machine Gun Kelly's performance. I gave out over 187 promotional CDs to fans that were grabbing at them wildly. The fans were so loving and I love them back. Checkout the videos on my performances page.

My Producer - Jerome Savage


My producer Jerome Savage has been recognized as a leading Hip-Hop beatmaker! He got a great review by a global music critic. He is great to work with and creates undeniably creative beats. Check out his review here.

My Page on


Take a look at my fan page on Jango. It is a great site to listen to new artists and connect with people all over the world.


Dance FM 104.7 and C105 Playing "Critics"


Thanks to Dance 104.7 and C105 in Kentucky for adding "Critics" to their daily rotation! Critics is being played 5 times per day. Check it out here.

"Critics" playing on FM106 in Georgia


My manager confirmed that "Critics" is in the rotation to be played on the radio in Georgia. Thanks to all my Georgia fans that helped make it happen!

My First Music Review


Critics got a very positive review from a well known music critic. Please believe the critics - This time! Check it out here.


My manager got a radio spot on a globally syndicated radio show that also streams on the Internet. They promoted my website and song. Thanks Doug! lulu_critics_commercial.mp3


Check out his show here

Countries Listening to "Critics"


I now have fans in these countries:

The Website Is Up!


Today is the launch of my website! I am so excited and I hope everyone likes it.

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