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Lulu216: “Critics” serves up pitch after pitch of positively uplifting bars!

Xyviera (Zi-Vi-Era) Monet Daniels, known as Lulu or Lulu216, is a 16 year Cleveland, Ohio, born and raised singer-songwriter. Lulu prefers to call her musical style “Eclectic Hip-Hop”, which is devoid of any cursing, money, sex, drugs, and gun lyrics.  Instead, Lulu216 promotes uplifting messages or lyrical images that connect to strong emotional challenges.

Her style is heavily influenced by the myriad of instruments she taught herself to play. Between the ages of 5 and 7, she began playing the guitar and piano. By the age of 12, she also mastered the trumpet and drums. All of these instruments create the broad musical landscape for her songs.



Lulu216 is busy completing her debut album, “Life Before Fame”, and has currently released the single “Critics”, which she says is “an inspirational song that motivates dreamers and achievers to ignore those that do not have their best interests at heart.”

I am very impressed with Lulu, especially with her creativity and sense of beat. Forget that she is 16, as Lulu216 is lyrically mature well beyond her years, and while other lesser artistic beings are grabbing the spotlight, she glistens within her own, original work.

In a world with poseurs searching for street cred (and mysteriously getting it) and bashing everybody for all the wrong reasons, isn’t it nice that we’ve got the likes of Lulu216 to truly shake things up and defend the insecure, the mistreated and the sometimes ridiculed creative minds that abound in our society.

She spins hard-hitting words, she razzle dazzles with rhymes, and serves up pitch after pitch of positively uplifting bars. She can be smooth, she can be aggressive, but mostly she can be understood with her crisp and clear delivery.

Her songwriting shows a sensible artist in a rap world where females are dominated by body baring threads. She‘s not afraid to talk about insecurities or failures, but she’s mainly prompted by pouring out empowering messages. Her themes are inspiring; it’s not about pleasuring men and being submissive.

She portrays confidence and sophistication through her music and that is an important message to send to not only to women, but to the entire youth today. She is also ably supported by Nahzzy who weaves in a solid verse on “Critics”.

“Critics” displays a diverse arsenal of firepower – from its beat production to its lyrical content. Lulu216 has the right combination to not only make any track sound great, but to have it resonate strongly with listeners. I don’t see any reason why not to give this track a full five stars.

For Lulu216 to eventually become the undisputed champion of conscious female rappers, sounds more like a serious commitment than a simple promise!



From the moment the innovative & creative samples started the music of Lulu216’s new single “Critics” I was pretty much hooked already…the heading from that to the confident way she approaches the mic on the first verse, right into the empowering chorus and message and topped off with a solid assist from a guest-star…like, what’s NOT to like about this cut?  Then you start reading social-media clips and biographies online…and you find even MORE reasons to like Lulu216.  As it turns out, she’s a gorgeous soul…one that’s battled the judgment & criticisms of society as she grew up…and one that’s strong enough to have come out on the other side smiling at her “Critics” with every reason to be proud of the person she’s grown-up to be.  A talented, self-taught solo artist who now inspires others to embrace their spirit and celebrate the beautiful people they are – Lulu216 makes music that’s one-part beat, hooks & lyrics…and the other part is made of spiritual healing.

“Critics” delivers a strong narrative and personal tale in a relatable way that I think will reach many people.  The hook of the chorus is seriously sharp…kind of Rihanna-esque in a way with that call-and-echo technique working major magic; highly inviting rhythm and flow of the vocals keeps the spotlight centered firmly on the star of the track.  Lulu216 sounds audibly determined, empowered and like she really lives the advice she’s doling out on the mic…it sounds real to us, because it IS real to her.  And it makes all the difference in the world – hearing her sincerely put power into these words, knowing she means and stands behind each one with the intent to help others gets a ton of respect from me.  I think the message is a strong one…not to summarize it all too much, but generally speaking, it’s about staying true to yourself and treating your uniqueness as the advantage it is in life.  People are gonna find a way to hate on something in almost any situation these days…and this song is a solid response to that…solid advice on how to just tune it all out and stay the course, focused on whatever it is you want in life.

Hard to ignore just how strong the pull of the chorus-hook is though…gotta admit, “Critics” is usually a little outside of the normal for what’s on my personal playlist…but quite honestly, I think the hook straight sunk into my skin and pulled me in on this one.  From there, I got right into the skillful, confidence in the opening verse from Lulu216 and really started to appreciate the words, then digging on the guest-star in the final third of the track.  Lots happening in “Critics” to appreciate…I love the delivery of the dude rappin’ at the end…the tone & the drama in his voice does wonders to keep the energy up to the max towards the final minute and run through of the hooks once more.

Seems like positive vibes, intentions and ambitions yield positive results!  I’ve had a great time listening to the seriously amazing beat & sample combination of “Critics” – and the vocals continued to impress.  Lulu216 definitely has an audible passion and determination you can actually hear – and you can hear how important these words are in the way she expresses them.  Smartly arming herself with words…it’s artists like this that are bound to inspire real change out there in the people…I think Lulu216 has some real leadership potential and could go on to be an extremely positive force out there in music today.  If she sticks to what’s making her unique with the relatable music/message combination that is favoring her so well on “Critics” – there’s a good chance that she’s going to have a ton of people looking up to her…and for all the right reasons.

Dig the message, dig the vibe, the beat, the writing, the performance, the delivery…Lulu216 has this one nailed…”Critics” puts the best of her overall empowering message out there for all to hear loud & proud with a versatile beat, clever hooks & overall powerful display from a passionate and inspiring artist.

Find out more about Lulu216 at her official homepage:

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And be ready for more!  Lulu216 is just purring the finishing touches on her debut album Life Before Fame, coming out soon.  Be sure to stay connected at the links above to be the first to know when the new album officially gets released!

Stereo Stickman


Critics is a track that embodies hope and motivation, the music spins out and spirals around you in this hypnotic and quite unexpected manner, the effect of which is that you genuinely listen when the rap verse kicks in – when those ideas, of not giving up on your dreams, and not giving in to what those around you might throw down; those ideas really shine brightly now. The music and the lyrics work strongly together to give off this lasting impression, and you know when it’s over that this is an artist who will create and keep on and develop and move forward – regardless of what you think. It’s a brilliant quality to have, and for someone so young to have put this together; impressive is a little bit of an understatement.


The track itself is one that really gets better the more you listen to it. Once you’re locked in; once something has caught your attention, it’s not a song you’ll want to skip past at all. The music behind the vocal is of the utmost highest quality, first and foremost; that’s the production, the mix, the creativity, then on top of that you have these lyrics, and not even just lyrics – words alone have little impact, it’s the delivery that makes it matter in music – the performance of these lines and that hook is on point.


If the track came on in a club or a bar, you might not jump out of your seat to go and hunt down the lyrics, but who does in that situation? You would most probably remember the sound though, the vibe, the idea, and when you do take the time out to properly listen – it’s a strong track, one that is loaded with positive vibes and an all round good message. Don’t listen to the critics. Just, don’t.


For artists who are just getting started, regardless of genre, one of the most important elements to have mastered and embedded in your approach is passion. Lulu exudes passion and drive with every word she performs, from the moment the music begins. What’s great about this particular track is that it has that passion, it has that optimism and that determination, but it also has this superb musical introduction – that oriental style riff really rattles around in your head, and so everything that follows essentially wraps this blanket of music around you further. It’s a simple thing, but hugely effective, and it fuses so well with the vocal style and the melody; the result is this somewhat dark sounding yet stylish, slick, and highly motivated expression of thought.


It’s a great track, a fantastic commercial debut, and the attitude aglow within the artist’s words and performance is something that will take her as far as she desires. The artist Nahzzy is also a clear fit for this particular piece – the same sort of vibe and attitude towards life is highlighted during his rap on verse three as is shown by Lulu throughout. What’s interesting actually, is that both artists begin with a fairly mellow and relaxed performance, which swiftly but smoothly mutates into this quick fired climax of energy and drive. It works well. It’s a strong collaboration, and both performances bring it boldly out into the spotlight.


You can find and follow Lulu over on Twitter and Instagram. Head over to iTunes to grab your copy of the single Critics, or Click Here to have a listen over on her website – you can learn a little more about the artist and the music while you’re there. At just sixteen years of age, this is categorically a powerful release; it’s well worth giving her a follow online to see what comes out in the very near future. Get involved.

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